Vinko Kalcic
Art Director

EGMA Co-Founder

Evolution Garden Media


Music aficionado and award winning multimedia artist with prestigious international awards, including Graphis Gold Award and the Ridley Scott Award. Vinko has worked for BBC, Rare Studio (Microsoft XBOX), Bloomberg and Clarins among others. He has also been friends with Tom for many years and has collaborated on a Tubular Bells project in Northern Ireland.


Steve Fearnley
Studio Manager

Narrow Water Studio


An incredible sound engineer and producer, Steve has worked with Tom for over 7 years and recorded many albums. Steve has built a beautiful and charming studio on the grounds of magical Narrow Water Castle.



Andrea Seifert

Director / Video Producer Mint Media


Music lover and film enthusiast Andrea runs Mint Media multimedia production company specializing in video production. He is involved in co-production of all EGMA videos.



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