Tom Newman

Producer Extraordinaire


Tom went into partnership with Richard Branson in the early 70s, to start Virgin records, and subsequently producing for Mike Oldfield, the groundbreaking, timeless and inspirational 'Tubular Bells' album, enthralling generations of music lovers worldwide and selling to date in excess of 30 million albums.


He has produced many hits since, and is still on the lookout for talented singers and musicians... He also finds time to perform in his iconic Psychedelic band 'JULY', whose 60s album has become a sought after and treasured collectors item.


Lenny Kalcic

Managing Director

Evolution Garden Media


With a passion for music and a wealth of experience from Universal Music Publishing to PRS for Music, Lenny formed Evolution Garden Media in 2009. His desire and ambition is to search for extraordinary talent, produce inspiring music and multimedia projects.


EGMA was created and developed with international award winning multimedia artist Vinko Kalcic.


Tom Newman


Evolution Garden Music Award 2012


'Hi I'm Tom Newman


About 40 years ago I had the privilege to start a record company, Virgin Records with a great friend of mine Richard Branson. We found an artist called Mike Oldfield and made the multi million selling record Tubular Bells that made a huge impact in the world of music and inspired a new wave of musicians.

Today in conjunction with Evolution Garden Media, to celebrate almost 40 years since Tubular Bells was created we are launching a worldwide music competition, Evolution Garden Music Award 2012.

I am calling all musicians in the world and challenge them to be daring, to create a unique and original piece of music that will start a new revolution.

For the award winner, I will personally produce an album here in Northern Ireland in our studios at the magical Narrow Water Castle. This prize is worth at least £100,000 and the winner will be announced in February 2012. To enter the competition CLICK HERE.


So come on, get cracking, get your drums out, find guitars, play anything that will make a noise and send it to us! Don't forget we are looking for some original spark, and we’ll look very hard through everything that we get till we find that spark. If you think you’ve got it, just get going now! Good luck!'

Tom Newman









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