Evolution Garden Media and EGMA 2012


Welcome to the launch of a new and exciting music award, EGMA! Created by Evolution Garden Media and Tom Newman with a mission to find the world's most unique and creative talent in music!


Music is a very powerful universal language that knows no boundaries. When played right, even one note can spark a whole range of emotions and take you to a different world in an instant.


At Evolution Garden Media we are a bunch of passionate music lovers! What really excites us about EGMA is creating an opportunity to discover a new artist and a piece of music from anywhere in the world that is truly unique and stands out from the manufactured and cliched pop songs.


Music that doesn't just follow trends and comes from the heart is timeless. We can't wait to hear all your entries and record an inspiring album with the winner!


Be creative and daring!


Good luck from the EGMA team!


Lenny, Tom, Vinko, Steve and Andrea.



Enter The Competition



To enter the competition you must create an original and inspirational piece of music.


Upload your song/composition in mp3 format. It doesn't have to be perfectly recorded but it should clearly demonstrate your idea and capture the atmosphere.

You can enter as many songs as you wish, the registration fee for each entry is £10.


We want your music to be convincing and from the heart so do not try to sound like someone else. This is an opportunity to be fresh and creative. Any breach of copyright will be disqualified.


For terms & conditions click HERE. To enter please click below and you will be taken to the next page where you can enter your details, register and upload your song. We are very, very excited about this competition and can't wait to hear your music! All entries must be received by 31/01/2012. The winner will be announced on 26/02/2012.




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