What is EGMA?

EGMA is the new, exciting, worldwide music competition in search of a truly original talent!

It is more daring than other music awards as it encourages music innovation from all around the world and allows total creative freedom!


Who created EGMA?
EGMA was created by Evolution Garden Media, the multimedia company specializing in Audio Visual Production, in partnership with Tom Newman, the legendary producer of Mike Oldfield's multi million selling album Tubular Bells.


EGMA 2012 Prize

The winner will be given the opportunity to record their album at Narrow Water Studio, in the grounds of beautiful Narrow Water Castle, overlooking magical Carlingford Lough by the Mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland, and produced by Tom Newman, with engineer / producer Steve Fearnley.


Evolution Garden Media will produce a documentary of the recording sessions, original album artwork and create photographic promo material. The album will be released on all major digital online stores worldwide including iTunes.


Charles Hazlewood


Tubular Bells is reborn in a new live super group performance!

Exclusive Interview with Charles Hazlewood (Part 3)


How would you describe The All Star Collective?


CH: The All Star Collective was something I formed to play Glastonbury back in 2008. Obviously I'm a conductor so I spend a lot of my time conducting great orchestras around the world, but when I was in my early teens I was doing a lot more of playing in punk bands than actually studying for my classical studies. So when I started to forge a career as a conductor I dropped the connection with that part of my musical personality, so I suppose I was always looking for an opportunity to re-engage with it.


In 2008 I started doing a couple of projects with Will Gregory (Goldfrapp) and Adrian Utley (Portishead) and the next logical step for me was to form some kind of improvising band with them at its core. But it's like an umbrella really, different projects require different musicians. We worked with Squarepusher, a major drum and bass artist; we worked with extraordinary jazz musicians like Jason Yarde, Andy Shepherd; dj composer Gabriel Prokofiev. Lots of different people bringing lots of different kind of musical accent to what we're doing. The group has flourished ever since and has done all sorts of projects.

It was actually Adrian who came up with the idea of doing Tubular Bells, in a kind of supergroup version because few months after the album was released in '73, Oldfield was persuaded to have a supergroup perform it once only at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, and that supergroup featured people like Steve Hillage, Mick Taylor who was in the Rolling Stones at the time.


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