What is EGMA?

EGMA is the new, exciting, worldwide music competition in search of a truly original talent!

It is more daring than other music awards as it encourages music innovation from all around the world and allows total creative freedom!


Who created EGMA?
EGMA was created by Evolution Garden Media, the multimedia company specializing in Audio Visual Production, in partnership with Tom Newman, the legendary producer of Mike Oldfield's multi million selling album Tubular Bells.


EGMA 2012 Prize

The winner will be given the opportunity to record their album at Narrow Water Studio, in the grounds of beautiful Narrow Water Castle, overlooking magical Carlingford Lough by the Mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland, and produced by Tom Newman, with engineer / producer Steve Fearnley.


Evolution Garden Media will produce a documentary of the recording sessions, original album artwork and create photographic promo material. The album will be released on all major digital online stores worldwide including iTunes.


Charles Hazlewood


Tubular Bells is reborn in a new live super group performance!

Exclusive Interview with Charles Hazlewood


Winter 1973 saw an iconic event at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. Just months after Virgin released Tubular Bells, Mike Oldfield was persuaded to do a one-off live 'super group' performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, with an ensemble featuring Steve Hillage and Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones amongst others.

38 years later Charles Hazlewood's All Star Collective are reviving that live Tubular Bells experience - the iconic album that launched Virgin and defined The Exorcist. Fresh from a highly successful outing at Glastonbury this year, they bring the work home to the QEH on December 6, and then to the Sage Gateshead on December 7.


Hazlewood's eleven-piece band features Adrian Utley from Portishead, and Will Gregory from Goldfrapp, alongside composer Graham Fitkin and harpist Ruth Wall amongst others.



What inspired you to get into music?


CH: My father was a parish priest, so from about the age of five, I started singing in the church choir and was immediately, even at that tiny young age, electrified by the potency of music, by the community within music, by the universality of music. I knew even then that the music is the most universal language we have on the planet. Music speaks so clearly, coherently to everyone and anyone no matter what kind of cultural, spiritual or physical background they have. It's one of those things...I just knew that my life would be in music.


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