What is EGMA?

EGMA is the new, exciting, worldwide music competition in search of a truly original talent!

It is more daring than other music awards as it encourages music innovation from all around the world and allows total creative freedom!


Who created EGMA?
EGMA was created by Evolution Garden Media, the multimedia company specializing in Audio Visual Production, in partnership with Tom Newman, the legendary producer of Mike Oldfield's multi million selling album Tubular Bells.


EGMA 2012 Prize

The winner will be given the opportunity to record their album at Narrow Water Studio, in the grounds of beautiful Narrow Water Castle, overlooking magical Carlingford Lough by the Mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland, and produced by Tom Newman, with engineer / producer Steve Fearnley.


Evolution Garden Media will produce a documentary of the recording sessions, original album artwork and create photographic promo material. The album will be released on all major digital online stores worldwide including iTunes.


Edgar Froese


Exclusive Interview with Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream) Part 7



How different does it feel making music today with all the digital technology readily available compared to the early days of Tangerine Dream and has it changed the creative process of making music?


EF: Everything became faster and more controllable. Many more sounds on hand, computer based Sequencer programs give you a complexity like never before. So, there are so many advantages that one would think the amount of quality work among the composer community must rise like a huge wave of genius compositions. For whatever reason it is nearly the opposite. Never before could you hear such masses of mediocre wallpaper sounds and rhythm clichés.


It turns out that even the newest and most advanced technology won’t help you if the great idea you might have can’t be transformed from your brainwaves onto hard disk. Even in the analogue days when composing and recording has taken ten times longer than today, the quality standard of sounds and arrangements, rhythms and melodies had to have a perspective, knowledge and overall quality before even touching a knob or a key.




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