Tubular Bells

The importance and impact of Tubular Bells


Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells turned pop music on its head and was the first album released by Virgin Records in 1973. It stayed in the British charts for 279 weeks and reached the number one position.


The album went gold in the USA and Mike Oldfield received a Grammy Award for the best Instrumental Composition in 1975.

The instanly recognisable opening theme was chosen for the legendary 1973 film The Exorcist.


The Exorcist



EGMA 2012 Prize


Tom Newman will record and produce a whole album of your songs at Steve Fearnley's Narrow Water Studio by the beautiful Narrow Water Castle in Northern Ireland.


Evolution Garden Media will create:

- documentary of the recording sessions

- original artwork for the album

- photographic promo material

- the album will be released on all major digital online stores worldwide.


Narrow Water Castle is an Elizabethan revival style castle completed back in 1836. It is the home of the Hall family who have lived at Narrow Water since 1670, originally in the Old Narrow Water Keep situated on the shoreline of Carlingford Lough which is now a national monument.


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